There are a couple of tests you can perform to determine what leather you have. A detailed discussion of leather identification is found on our Leather Identification Manual.

All leather types should be cleaned with a neutral, water-based cleaner and properly protected every 6 months.

Body contact areas should be maintained more frequently because of the constant wear and tear.

Most leather types can be cleaned with Leather Cleaner and need to be protected with Leather Protection Cream.

In most cases, yes. But we do not recommend recoloring nubuck/suede, wax or oil leathers.

On aniline leather you can change the color of your leather as long as you are taking it to a darker color within the same family.

For top-coated or pigmented leathers you can change the color to any color you wish.

Usually only aniline and unprotected leathers will fade due to sunlight. The leather can be revived using an Aniline Dye Leather Vital Conditioner or Leather Protection Cream.

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